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       from a dream to reality...       

Hello there! I'm Toccora Ervin and I want to share with you my journey into the world of natural skin care.


             My son, Ty, was born with a very unforgiving skin condition called eczema. His skin was really sensitive, constantly itching, dry and flaking and as he grew so did his suffering. I tried everything, from home remedies, oatmeal bathing products & soaks, over the counter creams and prescriptions treatments. Nothing worked for very long before leaving us right where we started. Before long my son would be back to clawing at the dry inflamed sections on his forearms and legs. I felt powerless watching him suffer day after day. Why was this happening? Why is nothing working? I blamed his misery on myself, for not being able to help him more. I was devastated to see my little one live in the constant battle of "Don't scratch. Pat where you itch," like a few other family members and myself. I made a declaration that this had to stop!


              I read and mixed. Mixed and read. I began replacing store bought lotions containing coconut & shea butters, for the real, raw butters. Petroleum jelly was replaced with coconut and other organic oils. Skin irritating and drying alcohol perfumes were replaced with soothing essential oils with purpose. 


              The joy I felt when finally, my child could rest through the night was indescribable. When he could play without distractions. When the salt from his sweat no longer stung the opened wounds of his dry cracked flesh. The sun was no longer an enemy to be avoided. I had done it!


              Over the next 8 years I began dishing my eczema treatment cream to other family members whom were plagued with dry, itchy or just sensitive skin. I never really gave it a thought to sell my product until one fateful day, a co-worker ran out of her hand cream and asked if I had any to spare. Of course, I kept a jar of my homemade concoction in my desk, and shyly offered her some. She sniffed, then gasped, literally. She than began asking me question after question as she continued to sample the contents of the jar, dipping out more product and apply it to her skin. Before long both of her arms were sporting a supple glow and she quickly disappeared into her office. In less then a minute she returns, my now half empty jar, and a five dollar bill. "Can you make me some more?" She asks while handing the item's to me with a serious look on her face. I  nervously laugh and took possession of the jar and currency, then in walks one of the nurses.


Nurse: What have we here?

Coworker: Toccora has been holding out. She made this lotion. Try it.

Nurse:  *He sniffs. Eyebrows raise. Then he applies a dab to his palms while giving me a stern glare.*

Coworker: See? Like I said. Holding out.

Nurse: *Examining the final results* Do you do custom orders? 

Me: "Well......What would you like? 

Nurse: That sized jar with rose and patchouli oils. How much?

Me: $10? Well $15 for the custom?

Nurse: Sold! Do you have PayPal? I can pay you right now....


               And just like that I was in business. It wasn't until we began participating in vendor markets and networking events, that I realized how many people suffer from irritating skin conditions.  Just by being able to get a glimpse at the needs and desires of our customers, we now have a number of products in our skin care line including body scrubs, a body wash, lips balms, bath soaks, and more.


               I have always admired those stories of people building a business from their product to make a difference in people's lives. Never did I imagine that Ty and I would be in those shoes. With all of that being said, thank you for allowing us a chance to make a difference in your life as well. Please follow our Instagram and Facebook pages as we continue to grow and help to soothe, renew and restore.

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